We're web strategy experts in Central Connecticut.

Engage in our proven process, where we'll help discover your pain points and identify ways to grow your revenue online.

We're web strategy experts in Central Connecticut.

Engage in our proven process to help discover your pain points and identify ways to grow your revenue online.


Cyndi Roberts
Owner, Cyndi Roberts Yoga
2,500% growth in private clients since web site launch in early 2013

Most importantly, the Crucial guys taught me that a truly successful web site is a living, breathing thing, and that you get out what you put in. We are constantly working to evolve and expand my web site based on the data they're able to gather and measure on the backend. We consistently review —together—analytics reports, heat maps, scroll maps, and click maps. This data irrefutably shows what's working and what's not. Sometimes, we make big changes. Other times, it's as simple as tweaking a word or two to completely change the effectiveness of a page.

My site consistently brings in quality visits that lead to ideal clientele.

As an artist, I had an idea of what I wanted. Crucial was able to make my vision come to life on the web by really hearing me and listening to what I wanted the site to look and feel like. Their knowledge, experience and talent helped achieve a great balance between artistic expression and usability. As someone who gets nearly 50% of her traffic via mobile devices, it was critically important that the look and usability effectively got carried through to all devices. I'm impressed with Crucial's ability to stay on the leading edge of technology.

90% of my clients contact me after having visited my web site, which they find one of three ways: organic Google search, local advertising, and guest blogs that I've written. The success of my web site has been incredible and invaluable for my business!

Kent Chappelle
Owner, Tanglewood Supreme

“I have known Tim for nearly 20 years and have been impressed with the sites he has developed for Candlebox, as well as other clients. He's not only creative but is also a person of integrity, which is so important in any ongoing, successful business relationship. I would absolutely recommend Tim, George & Crucial with confidence!

I have really appreciated the collaborative approach in working with Tim & George. I had some specific ideas in regard to the look, tone, feel & function of the site and Tim was very flexible in not only infusing his own design but also listening to me and incorporating elements which were important, not only visually but also specific to the restaurant industry. Effective communication is essential and working with Tim on this level was incredible. His approach is incredibly mature and thoughtful, always looking toward a successful solution through open conversation.

Being a small restaurant, we don't live heavily in site metrics, however we have received many compliments on the design and ease of navigation of the site. We offer OpenTable reservations through the site as well as an online menu widget, so the site receives constant traffic and we have had no outages to date.”

Dale Pavlik
Owner, DJP Design, LLC

I chose to work with these guys because of their philosophy, chemistry, reputation, and quality of work, and it has been an absolute pleasure! Their pursuit of excellence and attitudes about life surprised and delighted me. They love their craft and, like myself, are proud to be nice guys.

What surprised me the most was how effortless the process was. I entrusted them with (arguably) my most important marketing tool and they exceeded any and all expectations. What pleases me the most is what visitors have to say about my site: awesome, amazing, impressive, beautiful; adjectives we all strive for professionally. George (left brain) and Tim (right brain) make a powerful team and their efforts and results far exceeded my expectations. I couldn't be more pleased with or proud of the finished product. Furthermore, the journey with them from start to finish was fun, challenging (in a great way), refreshing and rewarding.

I truly hope to refer more business their way as a way of showing my appreciation for all they've done for me and DJP Design LLC.”

Kevin Martin
Singer & founding member of multi-platinum selling Seattle rock band Candlebox

“When we first decided to work with Tim & George, our expectations were quite high. We had seen a rapid change in the way that bands were using their web pages for social networking which, at the time, was very new to almost everyone. We wanted to make sure we were riding the same wave; we knew it was the future of band/fan interaction and we wanted it.

Tim & George made it simple to incorporate that into our site seamlessly as well as making our site so amazing that our audience chose to stay on our page rather than visit our social networking pages.

We never heard a “no, we can't do that” or a “that's not possible,” we simply saw that they could give us everything we asked for and more, not to mention the fact that anytime there was an issue—even when it wasn't their servers—it was corrected almost as quickly as it occurred.

I would give them 5 stars in every aspect of business. The best team for any business out there—I even made my wife use them for her business.

Thanks Tim & George, you guys ROCK!”

Allison Lantieri
Principal, Ovation Benefits Group

“From the moment George at Crucial answered the phone, I felt like Ovation's website redesign was a priority for his team. The project needed to be completed in under 6 weeks, which necessitated very organized and concise communication from both sides. He relished the challenge and dove in with both feet, offering support, expert knowledge and most importantly, met my deadline. He is currently helping us launch another website and again has been incredibly timely and reliable.

At every step along the way, the team at Crucial guided and supported the project as if it were their own site, and they saw us through the project and out the other side with tremendous results.

I would not hesitate to recommend Crucial. I am a raving fan, and look forward to working with them in the future.



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