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Are You Mobile Friendly?

It has been nearly 9 months since Google announced that it would be paying attention to the mobile-friendliness of the web sites in its index. They began rolling-out this algorithmic change in late April, and results are pouring in. The gist: your site needs to be mobile-friendly. To use the term du jour for this, your […]

Pro Tip: How To Keep Your Web Site Vendors In Order

In our line of work, we frequently work with clients whom we inherited from another developer, or folks who completed their initial site in-house. One of the things logistically that seems to always trip folks up is that they are unaware of all of the vendors with whom they have a relationship. This is true […] – Make it easier for people to pay you

In our society today, it seems like everyone is selling something. You may be in business, providing goods & services to other businesses or to the public at large, an individual selling junk for your attic, or simply a person trying to raise funds for a cause you support. The bottom line is that the folks […]

How To Grow Your Business Using Your Web Site

We talk a lot about how the web site launch is where the work really begins. You may be wondering what exactly we mean by that, and what the “Constant Iteration” portion of our Process really is. This post will illustrate—with a lot of visuals—what exactly that means. Most of the points we’ll be making […]

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