Dialogue vs. Monologue

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I hate meetings. I always have. I never really have been able to pinpoint why. Is it too many cooks in the kitchen? Ten people in a room or on the phone (all trying to justify their presence there) when three would suffice? Is it the time away from “productive” work in favor of unproductive[ .... ]  Read more

Writing As a Habit

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photo credit: Lívia Cristina via photopincc Tim and I work on a lot of web sites. Our clients span many different industries and have many different needs. Despite their differences, there is a common thread in terms of some of the requests we receive. The question we hear most frequently is: “How can I rank higher[ .... ]  Read more

How What We Do Helps You Grow Your Business

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We talk a lot about how the web site launch is where the work really begins. You may be wondering what exactly we mean by that, and what the “Constant Iteration” portion of our Process really is. This post will illustrate—with a lot of visuals—what exactly that means. Most of the points we’ll be making[ .... ]  Read more

Your Web Site Is Never Really Done

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One of the things we say to our clients is that launching their web site is only the first step in the web site process. That’s right; it’s only the first step. Once your web site has launched, your goal has to shift from “man I need to get this thing launched” to “so, how’s[ .... ]  Read more

The Content Economy

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Leverage your expertise and improve your relevance We receive questions everyday from clients and prospects asking “how do I improve my search engine positioning?” That’s a good question for a business owner to ask, for sure. From a “nuts and bolts” point of view, relevance is the word to focus on. When search engines perform[ .... ]  Read more

How To Check If Your Website Has Google Analytics Installed

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Does my website have Google Analytics installed? In previous posts, we have spoken about the importance of installing Google Analytics on your site. But you’re not a tech person, and you are unsure if “the last guy” who worked on your web site even installed it. How do you check? Well, the process is simple.[ .... ]  Read more

Affordable Web Development – What Does A Web Site Cost in Connecticut?

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It’s probably the question we get asked the most: “I need a web site…how much?” It’s the question that’s the most difficult to answer, too. You see, we’re not selling a commodity with a fixed price. We’re not selling iPhones or snow tires. In this post, we’ll break down not only what a web site[ .... ]  Read more

Beware Of Crocodile Salesmen When Hiring a Web Development Company

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What is a crocodile salesman, you ask? Is it someone who sells reptiles? Not quite. Crocodile salesmen are those who resemble our reptilian friends. They have big mouths and little ears. I received a phone call today from such a person. He was representing a large northeast office supply company who shall remain nameless. I[ .... ]  Read more

Why Your Web Site MUST Work On A Phone.

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Does your web site work on a phone? Do you—or more importantly, your visitors—have to pinch and zoom to see anything on your web site, when viewing on a phone? Did you know that people are now buying 400% more mobile devices than they are desktop devices? 78% of American adults own a smartphone. 53%[ .... ]  Read more

How To Hire The Right Web Company To Help You Grow Your Business Online

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“I suppose it is tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail.” – Abraham Maslow If you’re looking for a web company to help you grow your business online, you need to find one that isn’t a hammer that only sees nails. Unfortunately, that’s[ .... ]  Read more

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