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Affordable Web Development – What Does A Web Site Cost in Connecticut?

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It’s probably the question we get asked the most: “I need a web site…how much?” It’s the question that’s the most difficult to answer, too. You see, we’re not selling a commodity with a fixed price. We’re not selling iPhones or snow tires. In this post, we’ll break down not only what a web site[ .... ]  Read more

Beware Of Crocodile Salesmen When Hiring a Web Development Company

By George Roberts   |   No Comments »

What is a crocodile salesman, you ask? Is it someone who sells reptiles? Not quite. Crocodile salesmen are those who resemble our reptilian friends. They have big mouths and little ears. I received a phone call today from such a person. He was representing a large northeast office supply company who shall remain nameless. I[ .... ]  Read more

Why Your Web Site MUST Work On A Phone.

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Does your web site work on a phone? Do you—or more importantly, your visitors—have to pinch and zoom to see anything on your web site, when viewing on a phone? Did you know that people are now buying 400% more mobile devices than they are desktop devices? 78% of American adults own a smartphone. 53%[ .... ]  Read more

How To Hire The Right Web Company To Help You Grow Your Business Online

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“I suppose it is tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail.” – Abraham Maslow If you’re looking for a web company to help you grow your business online, you need to find one that isn’t a hammer that only sees nails. Unfortunately, that’s[ .... ]  Read more

Recognize learning opportunities

By George Roberts   |   1 Comment »

I read A LOT of business-related books, blogs and tweets. I have a voracious appetite for knowledge. Sometimes, however, real life is the best teacher. Learning how to observe your peers and surrounding yourself with good, successful people provides excellent and often free lessons. One of my favorite topics is customer service. At our company[ .... ]  Read more

Does your logo say “I’m the same as everyone else”?

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You need a logo for your business. Really. You need one. You want it to be professional, striking, and memorable. You probably shouldn’t do it yourself. That’s tip #1. You probably don’t need to pay some ad agency five figures to do it, either. That’s tip #2. It does require thought though, and someone that[ .... ]  Read more

Above the…what?!

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As time marches on, I thankfully get asked less and less to make sure things are “above the fold” in a design I’m working on…but it still happens from time to time. To the uninitiated, this request is borne out of a desire to not have to scroll on a web site, and for everything[ .... ]  Read more

It’s just my time

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I recently had a meeting with a client where we discussed his new venture. When the discussion migrated to promotion of the new web site, he mentioned that one strategy was to appeal directly to his potential visitors via email/direct mail, and that he’d do it in the mornings and evenings during time he “otherwise[ .... ]  Read more

The easiest, most amazing, guaranteed-to-work productivity advice EVER.

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Looking to increase productivity? You’re thirty seconds away from doing so. Here’s the magic bullet, in four easy steps. 1. Navigate over to that Facebook tab in your web browser. In the top right corner, there’s a little white downward facing arrow. Click it. 2. A new window will drop down, giving you some options.[ .... ]  Read more

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