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For the first ten years of our existence, we built and deployed our own, homegrown Content Management System, CruCMS on hundreds of web sites. One of the things we pride ourselves on as a firm, however, is our focus on education and staying current with the ever-changing world in which we operate.

We used to steer clients away from “out of the box” solutions like Wordpress, citing what, in our opinion, was true at the time: Wordpress was great blog software, but really junky website management software. Being open-minded, however, we never stopped staying in touch with the software.

Then something happened. Wordpress reinvented itself, and turned itself into world class web site management software. In fact, statistics now show that upwards of 22% of all new web sites are powered by Wordpress. Over 60 million web sites are now powered by Wordpress.

We had a choice to make; adapt, or compete. So we decided to become Wordpress experts ourselves. Not only does working with a popular platform like Wordpress expose us to a burgeoning community of additional developers, plugins & tools, it enables us to constantly become more efficient in building sites for our clients. Translation: things work, they scale, and they are more affordable.

Our years of custom CMS development have helped us to develop an even deeper understanding of Wordpress' inner-workings, and allows us to customize installs to fit virtually any need.

Because we started by building our own solutions, we can also build custom CMS applications for those sites whose needs are so intricate and specific that solutions like Wordpress are not a good fit.

A quality CMS quite simply makes your site easier to update, and the end result is a more search-friendly, more usable, enjoyable experience for your visitors.



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