Our process is pretty simple.

Plan. Design. Develop. Test. Launch. You're involved the entire time.

We are not experts at your business. We're experts at ours. That is why we take the time to ask questions. We listen for your answers. We draw from you what you need. How do you measure success? What do you need this web site to do? How does your business work? Once our questions are answered, we'll build a solution around what you need.

Strategic Planning

We use this time to work with you to determine the goals you have for your web site, and to develop a strategy for achieving those goals. We would be doing you a disservice if we were pushing on you some templated, “one-size-fits-all” solution. We don't do that. Ever. Each web site presents its own unique challenges, and those need to be addressed from the start, in order to make your web site a tangible tool for your business, and not just something you have out there, taking up space.

We also take the time to more closely evaluate your competitors and peers.

  • What are they doing right?
  • What aren't they doing right?
  • What aren't they doing at all?
  • How does it relate to you?
  • How are you and your business different?
  • What can Crucial do to help set you apart?

Design & Development

Design and development used to be such separate processes. To think that they still are is archaic. One can't happen without the other, and at this point in the evolution of the web, each process informs the other so much that the line between the two has been eliminated. Great design for the web really comes down to the effective communication of information, and that encompasses everything you see on the screen; layout, flow of information, visuals, and especially typography.

When we begin a web project with you, we're developing from the start, rapidly prototyping the site to test the layout and presentation of key elements, the functionality and the user experience. The site will need to be a living, breathing thing, adapting to different screen resolutions and devices, as well as the changing needs of your business. Because of this, functionality and usability always come first. The design of site elements help reinforce this, but never detract from it.


Though we have been testing functionality all along, we proceed with a formal review process and ask you to do the same. Once we get the go-ahead from you, we make sure all pre-launch items have been addressed (such as: unique title tags, keywords utilized in site links, keywords utilized in image alt tags, final review of your copy for proper grammar, spelling, keyword density, creation of custom error documents, final cross-browser, cross-platform testing). The site is launched and submitted to Google and Bing.

The launch is where the project really begins, though, in a sense. It's simply not enough to have a web site designed, built and launched. If it sits dormant on a server somewhere, it's not going to do you much good. Once it's launched, it becomes an attention game. Analytics need to be consistently reviewed to determine which site elements are resonating with your visitors and which are not, and the web site should always evolve accordingly.


We'd love to setup a free, no obligation 30 minute consultation with you to learn about your business.

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